The Revolution is Expanding

Swatkins is proud to introduce larger sizes of the already hugely popular range, the Revolution.

In 2015, Swatkins designed and developed a brand new concept – The Revolution. Handmade in Great Britain, the Revolution Awards was devised by the ongoing market for our admired Endurance Cast Cups, one of our most popular cup ranges – however, are made in China. With our factory based in Walsall, and all of our manufacturing services and processes under one roof – we could see there was a place for us to compete by presenting a British Nickel range.

The benefit of the Revolution collection, it is priced cheaper than our Endurance Cast Cup ranges, and many of the other cast cups on the market. This is due to increasing labour costs, and import taxes from abroad, alongside the fact we have all of our processes in house – meaning we can adapt, design and create new ideas on site – without having to outsource. Our customers can benefit from short lead times, excellent service and a Trophy that is built to last, through Great British manufacturing methods. These skills are carried out by time-served craftsmen and women, who helped design and develop the Revolution range with their knowledge and expertise.  All of us here at Swatkins are hugely pleased to know that Great British manufacturing is still desired and preferred.

The Revolution range has been our most successful addition to date. The range sold into 40 countries within 2015 and the beginning of 2016 – meaning the next project, is to expand.

At Trophex 2016, we introduced 2 new larger sizes in the 5 series range and the 1 series range, in over 7 different style bases and finishes, there is something in the Revolution collection for everyone. These hugely impressive 19.25” British Nickel Revolution Awards are a remarkable Trophy for any ceremony or occasion.

Although these products are not in our current 2015/16 catalogues, they are available. Please call us on 01922 711700, or alternatively, please email, or contact us here – for more information and prices.

We will be showing at Euro Trophex in Amsterdam this year, and we are very excited to show you our new British Nickel larger Revolution range. We look forward to welcoming you on to the stand.

Stay tuned for the introduction of 30 brand new British Nickel Awards for 2017/2018 – The Revolution is expanding further.