PRIME Serious Steak Knife Award

Swatkins Group were honoured to design, manufacture and donate the ‘most serious steak’ Award in PRIME steakhouse, Sarasota, Florida.

Elegance, strength and true splendour – only a few words to describe this truly outstanding work of British craftsmanship. A solid piece of brass, shaped entirely by hand by one of Swatkins’ time served craftsmen, polished to a high shine on both sides, complete with a bespoke made stand, and finally Nickel Plated in one of our plating vats.  This knife stands proud on top of Prime’s Steakhouse cutting and table boards, with their logo and the name of the Award, ‘For the most SERIOUS steaks ever.’

Prime Serious Steakhouse is a locally owned restaurant, now open in two different cities across Florida. A truly fantastic eatery, a classic steakhouse but with a contemporary feel – Prime features a piano bar, a low temperature cut room, where the guests can view the on-premise butcher hand cut 28 day aged steaks and an open kitchen. Co-owned by Mark Costanzo, Prime’s concept of fantastic service, high-quality food at affordable prices and the modern approach to dining stands a cut above the rest and is now proudly in its fifth year.

Sitting pride of place at the front reception desk in the Sarasota, Florida branch of Prime, this beautiful 15” Knife Award exudes quality and eminence. This sophisticated 5kg Knife Award looks impressive, ferocious and quite frankly one of the most gorgeous bespoke Awards Swatkins has had the pleasure to manufacture – all completed in less than 3 days.

Swatkins’ wealth in experience when dealing with Bespoke requests dates back to the 19th century, and we still have the pleasure in completing custom-made Awards and Trophies on a daily basis, all within our factory in Walsall, United Kingdom. Swatkins are constantly updating and developing our techniques and materials to continually bring our clients the best bespoke and custom made-awards your money can buy. With over 100 years of experience, and with the best team in the trade, Swatkins are the leading manufacturers of high quality bespoke Made Trophies and Awards in the United Kingdom.

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To make a reservation or to visit Prime steakhouse to take a look at the Knife Award – please visit Prime’s website, here.

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