All Star Mile Trophy – Swatkins & Catanach’s Jewellers

Swatkins Group are very proud to work with Catanach’s Jewellers in the manufacture of the All-Star Mile Trophy.

Two extremely prestigious companies with a combined heritage of over 265 years working closely together to create a work of art.

Designing the ASM Trophy

In December 2018 RV requested Catanach’s to tender a design for the All-Star Mile Race (ASM,) using their iconic logo as inspiration.

The process of creating the Trophy design was extremely complex, starting with hand sketches from Catanach’s head design team, then progressing to a CAD drawing and a 3D printed model. Retaining the core qualities of this prestigious race was vital when selecting certain shapes and aspects for the Trophy. Whilst creating the design it was also important to make sure the approved design would be manageable for manufacturing within the time required for the race day in March.

ASM Trophy Design

After much involvement from all the Catanach’s team, the end of December saw the final approved design. A sleek, contemporary and elegant Sterling Silver Horse head figurine affixed with a diamond set star, supported by a black granite base.

Swatkins’ Manufacture

Catanach’s commissioned Swatkins to be the official manufacturer of the ASM Awards. We were asked to produce 3 different sizes and supply the awards in 2 different materials.

Our time served silversmiths hand formed the 39cm tall Main Horse Head figurine to shape using Sterling Silver. We then meticulously cut out the star to the exact dimensions within the horse figurine, making sure there was the correct amount of space for the diamonds to be set by Catanach’s in Australia. The 39cm’s Silver section weighs an impressive 2.5 kilograms alone.

The other 3 silver plated Awards were manufactured from solid brass, standing at 20cms and 15cms tall. Swatkins are proud to have finished manufacturing the 3 replicas within 1 week of order confirmation.

With a timeframe of only a month and a half to manufacture the prestigious main Award, Swatkins’ team pulled out all the stops to ensure this masterpiece was created on time and to the globally recognised ‘Swatkins quality mirror finish.’ Completing the award 4 weeks ahead of schedule, this truly is a fantastic work of art and looks very impressive.

We are very proud to be one of the only Silversmiths in Great Britain that could produce such an Award in so little time. Having all of our manufacturing processes in house, paired with arguably the best team in the industry – we were the perfect match to work with Catanach’s Jewellers.

Manufacturing the ASM Awards

Catanach’s Jewellers, Australia

The star in the main silver figurine is set with diamonds in Catanach’s Armadale workshop incorporating 154 round brilliant cut diamonds with a combined weight totalling 4.22 carats.

The black granite base was handmade by a bespoke stone mason in Melbourne and weighs a remarkable 11 kilograms. Finally, the Silver Horse Figurine and the base section were connected together in Catanach’s workshop and were sent for final inspection.

The ASM Trophy was complete. It was unveiled on national television on Saturday 2nd of March.

This stunning Bespoke All Star Mile Trophy is one of the most impressive Trophies we have had the pleasure to be a part of, and has been a labour of love for both the Catanach’s and Swatkins designers and silversmiths who have been closely involved in its manufacture. Our dedicated teams worked extremely well together using skills and knowledge passed down through the generations to create this masterpiece. We are all extremely proud of this trophy.

All Star Mile Races

Flemington Racecourse will erupt with excitement on All-Star Mile Race day when the richest 1600m race in the world is run by horses selected by fans a huge party ignites the famous Front Lawn.

How does the All-Star Mile Race work?

  1. Owners & Trainers are invited to nominate their horse for the All-Star Mile.
  2. Fans were invited to vote for the horse they wish to see contest The All-Star Mile from among the list of nominations. To add to the excitement fans who have voted will be entered into the running to share the glory with 14 lucky voters selected to become an ‘All Star Owner’ getting a chance to win a share of $500,000 in prizemoney as part of the $5 million total prize pool.
  3. The highest 10 vote-getters will be selected to contest The All-Star Mile. Four wildcards will be determined at a later date to complete the field of 14 All Stars.
  4. One not to miss! Race Day – Saturday 16th March 2019

Not only will it be the richest mile in the world but set to be one of the most thrilling.

To find out more about The All-Star Mile, please visit the Flemington Website.

Catanach’s & Swatkins

Swatkins Group are very proud to work with Catanach Jewellers in the production of this impressive Trophy.

George William Catanach created the Catanach’s brand in Melbourne 140 years ago, with the premise that quality and beauty must go hand in hand when crafting a piece of fine jewellery. His legacy has continued for over five generations, with Amanda and David Catanach the current custodians of this iconic Melbourne jewellery house.

Catanach’s Jewellers and Swatkins Group Ltd have the same vision. Combining our skill sets has produced an incredible award that like the two companies will stand the test of time.

Swatkins Group Ltd was founded by Albert Oliver Swatkins in 1898, current managing director Paul Swatkins and our valued workforce have the same beliefs as his great grandfather, manufacturing high quality awards and silver products.

Pauls daughters’ Stephanie and Sophie are the 5th generation of the Swatkins family now working at Swatkins Group Ltd and are looking forward to keeping the skills alive for many years to come.

Swatkins Group are honoured to have worked with Catanach Jewellers in the production of this beautiful Trophy. Working alongside Amanda, David and Olivia has been our pleasure, and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.