Swatkins visits Blades Trophies, Barbados

The Swatkins Family were delighted to be invited to Blades Trophies, Barbados W.I. We were honoured to meet the Read family, owners of D.Blades Trophies ‘A Winners Choice.’

We were kindly shown around the island, visiting the local hot spots, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and stunning views Barbados has to offer.

Since 1983, Blades Trophies have been supplying quality recognition awards for any and all occasions. With beliefs similar to Swatkins, their dedicated staff understand the importance of commemorating life’s moments, and with an inventory consisting of trophies, plaques, awards and promotional items – Blades Trophies is your trusted source for celebration.

Swatkins are proud suppliers to Blades Trophies. For any more information, please visit their site below.