Swatkins’ New Plating Department

During the August factory shutdown Swatkins Group Ltd, completely refurbished and renovated our Nickel and Silver Plating department.

With huge worldwide demand for our new Revolution and Nickel plated awards, Swatkins have invested a six figure sum in new Plating facilities. With the introduction of a new huge 1200 litre tank for Nickel plating, our Revolution award production will be increased tenfold to keep up with the demand.

After meticulous planning over the past 6 months, walls had to be removed, and a total renovation of our previous plating plant took place in August. We now have a state of the art, customised Nickel & Silver Plating plant, to finish our hand made trophy cups, which will rival any other in the world today.

After 117 years, spanning 3 centuries, and 5 generations of the Swatkins family, Swatkins Group Ltd are extremely proud to continue manufacturing our hand made Nickel and Silver plated trophy cups in our purpose built factory in England, using only the finest materials available.

We are one of the only British companies that can offer Metal Spinning, Soldering, Hand Polishing, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating, Diamond Engraving, C02 Laser Engraving, Meta Fibre laser engraving, and Sand Blasting – all under one roof, making our service second to none, as we control every process.

Swatkins’ plan is to continue to expand and further improve production, with large long-term investment.

Our top priority is to ensure Health and safety is of an exceptional standard, and we are devoted in keeping traditional manufacturing methods, and skills alive. These skills have remained unchanged over 3 centuries, an art that is very rare in today’s world.

Our valued employees work extremely hard to make and supply awards that go well beyond our customers’ expectations, and that will be exceptionally proud to present, Worldwide.

Swatkins Group, Manufacturing Legends Forever.