Swatkins New Design & Photography Department

Over the spring period Swatkins completely refurbished and revamped our graphic design department and created a fantastic, custom-built photography studio.

On a daily basis we have extraordinary pieces of Silverware, Awards and Trophies move through our factory and warehouse departments. Whether that being a totally bespoke item, or a standard stock product. With all of our Silverware products being totally handmade, this makes every single Swatkins product unique. Not one of our standard stock items will be exactly the same, meaning each and every piece of Silverware made in house is bespoke.

Not only to memorise the beauty and advertise how remarkable our skilled team of craftsmen and women are, our new photography studio is perfect for capturing that glistening Swatkins masterpiece. We are very proud to show our customers before they receive a product how perfect a Swatkins-made piece of Silverware is.

We are one of the only British companies that can offer Metal Spinning, Soldering, Hand Polishing, Silver Plating, Nickel Plating, Diamond Engraving, C02 Laser Engraving, Meta Fibre laser engraving, and Sand Blasting – all under one roof, making our service second to none, as we control every process. With a huge skill-set like that, we required that final step – a fantastic and state of the art photography studio, ensuring that each Award is remembered in its glory.

Not just Silverware, Swatkins has a wealth of experience in dealing with bespoke awards and having the advantage of our UK factory based in Walsall, we can cater for many different ideas or designs using only the finest materials selected by fine British craftsmen and women. We are constantly updating our techniques and processes – learning with new materials and providing our customer base with the best possible service.

With many companies requiring awards that are individually made to reflect specific events and presentations, we have seen a huge demand surge in bespoke and custom-made awards. With a graphic designer constantly on site and working exclusively on new projects and custom enquiries – we are ready to see our largest bespoke and custom-made award manufacturing year to date.

Jordan Hughes, previously in the sales department – began her first major design project at the beginning of the year. Jordan began her graphics and catalogue design journey entirely producing the Leatherette catalogue. A totally different concept for us, including beautiful and illustrative product placement images and an extremely sophisticated feel and quality. We are proud to announce the Jordan has progressed to lead Graphic Designer and is now head of our photography studio.

Jordan, how do you feel the Photography Studio benefits Swatkins’ customers?

I believe the photography and design studio is a great way to show our customers the diversity of our skills as a company, capturing a long-lasting image of their awards. Especially if the award is being shipped direct, it’s a great way for our customers to also see what their patience and hard work has produced.

As we are a company most know for our in-house facilities (engraving, plating, repairs etc.) it is great to be able to add this one to the list. This gives our customers an even more efficient and more personalised service. Not only do they get to see the award before they’ve even received it but they also get to see the extent of what we can do and hopefully apply this to future enquiries and orders.

Have you always been interested in graphics? How do you spend your spare time?

Honestly, I haven’t always been interested in graphics but I have always been quite creative whether it be drawing, painting or 3D modelling, everything I know is self-taught so, I love seeing my ideas come to life. Most of my free time is taken up by expanding my creative knowledge through drawing, casual photography, 2D/3D crafts and also gaming.

What is your favourite photo you have taken of a Swatkins-made product?

As a whole I love photography and there are near on infinite ways in which to take a photo, which is why I love it as no one photo is the same. Due to this it has been quite difficult to choose just one image so I have chosen a selection of images that I have taken which I think really capture the diverse skills of our craftsmen and women.

Best Photography

What is your favourite Swatkins graphic design you have created?

When designing an award, you’re only limited by your imagination and then to see that award produced and in the flesh is a very rewarding feeling.

Upon starting my graphics journey with Swatkins I admit I was very limited in my knowledge of the programs we used however, over time I have become more confident with my designs and my skills have become more diverse. The images below show my progress throughout this journey starting with my very first graphic design drawing and I only hope to get better.

Best Graphic Designs


Thank you, Jordan, for all your determination and fantastic learning skills in making the new graphics and photography studio a huge success!

With overall demand of handmade Silverware and Custom-made products increasing for Swatkins Group, we are very proud to showcase our Awards in their glory, allowing us to capture those special memories in a professional photography department means our clients can benefit from the best service and quality.

Exactly what you’d expect from a company that has been manufacturing many of the world’s most prestigious awards over the past century.

For any further information, or if you wish to speak to a Swatkins Representative, please contact us here.

Please note: If you would like to see a professional image of your bespoke or custom-made award, we request kindly that you inform us at the time of ordering.