Swatkins & JDS Industries

Swatkins Group Ltd is very proud to be working with JDS Industries in the USA..

These new Swatkins Handmade Nickel Plated JDS awards are truly one of a kind and were launched along with 1200 other new products at the ARA show in Las Vegas, March 2016.

Over the wintertime of 2015, Swatkins Group’s factory was very busy manufacturing a large order consisting of only British Handmade Component Awards for JDS.

The Swatkins British-made Trophy Cups and Claret Jugs were exclusively made and designed for JDS, with a unique hand chased pattern and non-tarnish Nickel plated finish. The awards are made up by JDS in America on specially made Piano wood finish bases.

These magnificent awards are available now – please contact JDS Industries USA at sales@jdsindustries.com

Please visit the online JDS catalogue here.