The Swat Squad

Swatkins Group Ltd are very proud of our dedicated, skilled and hard-working members forming our team.

Our time-served craftsmen and women throughout the company, from the factory to the offices, benefit our clients with consistent high-quality manufacture, good valued customer understanding and excellent customer service.

We are privileged to have 26 loyal team members. Impressively, 6 members of staff have been at Swatkins for over 30 years, 5 over 20 years and over 10 have been at Swatkins for more than 10 years, the rest of us not far behind! It is a huge credit to the Swatkins family having such a devoted and a hard-working team. Without a doubt it is their skill set, knowledge and teamwork that our Silverware is manufactured to the highest of standards, each and every day. At all stages of production, we have a team that is fully dedicated to manufacturing an Award that anyone would be honored to receive.

We complete all stages of design and production in our factory in the West Midlands, giving you the confidence to buy from a British company that controls every process. Our Great British Quality is something we are extremely proud to be recognised worldwide for, having catered for many of the world’s most prestigious events over the past century. We take on many new challenges whilst constantly updating and developing our techniques and materials to continually bring our clients the best awards, be-it standard, bespoke or custom made-awards, that money can buy.

Meet, the ‘Swat Squad!’

Paul, Stephanie, Sophie, Cameron, Gary, Lorraine, Toni, Tony, Mark, Zita, Julie, June, Andy M, Andy W, Paul A, Jordan, Ken, Shane, Paul E, Kevin and John.

Gary, Stephanie, Cameron, Paul, Lorraine, Zita, Julie, June and Jordan form our fantastic sales and accounts teams. With Sophie, Tony and John making up our brilliant engraving and personalisation department. Andy M, Andy W, Paul A, Ken, Shane, Paul E, Kevin and Mel are our highly skilled factory workforce and Toni & Ken uphold our efficient dispatch and warehousing team – ensuring your orders are dispatched on time, every time.

Welcome to our newest Swat Squad member, Nadine, adding to our warehousing department.

Swatkins Tradition

Swatkins Group Ltd was founded by Albert Oliver Swatkins in 1898, current Managing Director Paul Swatkins and our valued workforce have the same beliefs as his Great Grandfather, manufacturing high quality awards and silver products. Together we all work to ensure our Trophies, Awards and Silverware are the finest presentation awards available worldwide.

Paul Swatkins now enters his 30th year as Managing Director of Swatkins Group Ltd. Overall his 36th year working at Swatkins, initially under his Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father. Over the years Paul Swatkins has continued to preserve the high standards we, in the Swatkins family have always maintained, from the past to the present and into the future. Pauls daughters’ Stephanie and Sophie are the 5th generation of the Swatkins family now working at Swatkins Group Ltd and look forward to keeping the skills alive for many years to come.

Spanning over 3 centuries and 5 generations, you can be confident to buy products from a British company that has truly stood the test of time, since 1898. Manufacturing True Swatkins Legends.

Watch our Swatkins Story to see our team at work!