‘Manufacturing Legends’

Swatkins have manufactured many of the world’s most famous awards over the last century.

Our awards are uniquely designed and manufactured in-house. We take on many new challenges whilst constantly updating and developing our techniques and materials to continually bring our clients the best bespoke and custom made-awards your money can buy.

Our in house custom trophy and award designers will create a range of different options based upon your ideas and specifications, budget, time frame and material. Our artwork team will develop a series of images using 3D visuals, to suitably present you with a proposal.

Whether you need an award creating from Sterling Silver, Hallmark Silver, Nickel, Aluminium, Silver-Plate, Acrylic, Glass, Crystal, Brass or even have your own resources, Swatkins are able to turn your design ideas into a reality. We are constantly updating all of our machines and systems, so we are able to work with many different materials and tools, to suit your required product.

With all of our processes being in-house, our customers can benefit from short-lead times, state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled craftsmen and women who are dedicated to producing an award that anyone would be extremely proud to receive.

Swatkins has a wealth of experience in dealing with bespoke awards and having the advantage of our UK factory based in Walsall, we can cater for many different ideas or designs using only the finest materials selected by fine British craftsmen and women.

Did you recognise our Swatkins Cups and bespoke awards in the photo? All of these products were made in house at our factory in Walsall. Spanning over 3 centuries and 5 generations, you can be confident to buy products from a British company that has stood the test of time, manufacturing legendary awards since 1898.