Football Aid

The concept of Football Aid is simple – to allow fans, who have only been able to dream about it, the chance to experience the thrill of match day: to pull on their favourite shirt, walk down the tunnel to the sound of the crowd and play an adrenaline fuelled 90 minutes on the hallowed turf of the Club they support.
Since Football Aid’s debut season in 2001, 578 games involving 15,300 players have taken place on a UK Club, European and National level and our vision is to continue to deliver exciting and ground-breaking fundraising events that allow supporters to ‘Live the Dream’.
Football Aid was created as a unique way of raising money for charity and voluntary organisations. Through our parent charity, Field of Dreams’ multi-beneficiary grant award scheme, the funds raised from the Football Aid events are distributed to diabetes research, education and management projects plus charities nominated for funding by the Clubs that take part.
“The ultimate goal is to support those in need as recognised by our partner clubs whether local, national or international charitable causes. It’s not only funding that matters here, you just can’t monetise the feeling of support when you know your club cares and recognises your contribution. That’s the power of football… that’s the end of the game”

Swatkins are a proud sponsor of Football Aid – Living The Dream. We supply the teams with our Worldwide Awards, the PSS6, GPS6 and the PSS5 ranges shown on pages 26-27 of our main catalogue. For more information, please follow the site below.