Engraving Department Expansion Project

Winter time 2015 saw great things for the Engraving Department.

With overall demand of engraving on Silverware and Nickel products increasing for Swatkins Group, and with the Revolution range seeing great success in its debut year – this saw the requirement of 2 additional Newing-Hall Diamond Machines to be put in place. This has allowed us to stay efficient and updated on all the new Newing-Hall machines and the technology it provides meaning Swatkins can constantly evolve and develop with future trends. We have also improved the Diamond Engraving department by putting in 2 brand new French doors, allowing for the flow of air to constantly circulate and for ease of movements between each factory department.

Alongside our Silverware, with over 800 new products for 2015 alone, this saw the requirement for 2 brand new Epilog Fusion M2 C02 lasers. This means that image quality, speed, reliability, and ease of use has been dramatically increased on our engraved products. With 2 new huge 40″x28” tables, this intended that the laser engraving department also had to see expansion. After walls were removed and rooms extended, the C02 lasers have their own room purpose-built to fit these machines. With a brand new large C02 laser department this now means there is a dedicated area for C02 laser engraving, allowing us to increase our turnaround, efficiency and productivity furthermore.

Swatkins Group now has 5 separate areas within the Engraving Department: the Meta-Fibre Laser Department, the C02 Laser Department, Diamond Machine Engrave Department, Sublimation Printing Department and the Sand-Blasting Department.

We now have a whole new area free for warehousing, and with all of our tools, screws and boxes in one place dedicated to engraved products – Swatkins Group’s overall turnaround in the engraving department is as fast as it ever has been.

The whole Engraving department has seen huge expansion and renovation in 2015, a huge project, thank you to everyone involved.